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Hi! My name is Whitney Russell and I am a Special Education Preschool Teacher in Southaven, Mississippi. House of Hope Project was birthed in my bathroom after crying out to the Lord because of our failed adoption and the fact that I wanted to do more for the orphan crisis around the world. The Lord laid out his specific plan piece by piece and here we are. Fundraising and supporting children globally. If I could eat dinner with one person it would be Jimmy Fallon because I love to laugh. And with 3 children I rarely make it to stay up that late so I want his comedy in person.


Lumela (Hello in sesotho), my name is Christina Terpstra from Zeeland, Michigan. I am the current North American Ambassador for Beautiful Gate Lesotho Child Care Center. In 2009 I went on what I thought was a 10 day mission trip to Lesotho Africa to serve at Beautiful Gate Child Care Center. While there, the Lord broke my heart for the things that break His and Lesotho has become one of my earthly homes. Ever since then my heart has continually been broken for His children (no matter age) wherever I meet them. People everywhere need to know that they have worth and are not trash. The Basotho culture is one of beauty and strength in the midst of hardships. If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be a gathering of my closest friends from around the world. I do not need to talk with anyone famous, because my peopleare ambassadors of our Abbas truth, joy, love and hope and that is exactly what I want to surround myself with.


Hey guys. I am the technical arts director for Getwell Road UMC in Southaven, Mississippi. Children hold a special place in my heart and especially children that are without parents. We serve an almighty Father who commands us to take care of His children. I have received the most joy serving and loving orphans. I support House of Hope Project by fundraising and support in any avenue that I can serve in to fulfill my duty as a follower of Christ. Tony Stark because he’s very inventive and innovating with technology.


My name is Nicole Cole and I'm a photographer and videographer living in Southaven, Mississippi. Since I was a little girl, orphan care was something heavy on my heart and I knew I needed to do SOMETHING. My desire to advocate for, love on, and support orphans has led me to House of Hope. It's my desire to be a voice, a hand, and the love of Jesus to orphans around the globe. If I could have dinner with one person it would be Katie Davis, an adoptive Mama to 13 daughters in Uganda. I would love to hear more about her daily walk with Jesus and how she follows boldly after Him.


Hi! My name is Nancy Hall from Horn Lake, Mississippi. I have been an in home daycare provider for over 25 years and nurtured hundreds of children.I have felt God urging me to give more of myself. When Whitney ask me to be part of House of Hope Project, I felt my heart swell.if I could eat dinner with one person it would be my Granny Jessie .I want to know how she maintained her strong faith and joyful spirit while experiencing so many tragedies in her life


Hello. I am a financial advisor for Bancorp South in Olive Branch, Mississippi. I try to be obedient to what the Holy Spirit calls me to do. There is a joy that comes from serving "the least of these" even though many times there are also gut-wrenching moments we don't understand. House of Hope has seen so many confirmations of being  in God's blessings. I pray we will be used for many years to be the Love of Christ for others.

If I could pick one person to have dinner with it would be Paul. Wow, what we could learn from him as someone who persecuted Christ-followers, met Christ & then lead so many to Christ and continues to do so today!


Hey friends! I teach United States history at Desoto Central High School in Southaven, MS. I have always had a love for children and their welfare. I work to share God's love with my students. I had the opportunity to travel to Lesotho and work in the orphanage there. This experience lit a fire in me to do more than just give a week here and there to help orphans.  House of Hope provides a way to help many orphans around the world. If I could eat dinner with one person it would be my dad's dad. He died a year before I was born. I would love to hear his stories about my dad.


Bryan Geurink:   Bryan currently lives in Maseru, Lesotho and works as the Operations Director for Beautiful Gate, a child care center. Bryan's expertise in the culture, needs of running a child care center and the construction of homes in an economical way will benefit us as we move forward with the construction on this village. 

Jennifer Crow: Jennifer is the founder and director of Beautiful Dream Society based out of Oklahoma and Maseru, Lesotho. She is an expert on running a non-profit, reclaiming lives-helping to save women out of human trafficking and giving them a new purpose, and speaking worth and truth into the children at Beautiful Dream Societies child care center in Lesotho. 

Nathan Russell: Nathan is a youth minister at Getwell Road United Methodist Church in Southaven, Mississippi. He has a passion for children and youth all over the world to gain a knowledge of the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. He first traveled to Africa in 2012 and has been driven by a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic passion for people since. 

Gregory Ryan: Greg Ryan is from Kentucky and serves House of Hope Project with a background in real estate, construction, and is a practicing attorney. Greg has been HOHP since the very beginning; establishing the by-laws, guiding us as we moved forward with becoming a non-profit, and advising us from his own charity experience.