House of Hope Project


We exist to bridge the gap of so many answering the call to care for orphans around the world. We desire to help fund, build, and raise support for those dedicating it all to reclaiming the lives of children who have been deemed unworthy. This begins in our own backyard, investing in children placed in foster care all the way to children in other countries needing a home they can call their own. Our ultimate mission is to bring the truth and hope of Jesus Christ to the world beyond the brick and mortar, but to the lives within the walls of the home.


The Benevolence Fund is Christian effort primarily dedicated to raising funds to support the construction of homes and other support facilities, including renovation of existing facilities and creation of other site amenities, for orphans around the globe, and to provide hope for their future by promoting awareness of the special circumstances and needs of these orphans, providing for the ongoing care of these orphans, as well as encouraging and providing support, education, and training for those dedicating their lives to the direct care of these children.