House of Hope Project


To contribute to our current project, here are a couple options.

1. We are grateful for every donation of any amount. Whatever you are led to give, we will use it to bring honor and glory to God through this project.

2. For those led to give in a larger amount, below is the blue print of a smaller house in the current project. Feel free to donate accordingly. Donors who sponsor a room or house will have the opportunity to personalize a name plate to be attached to the gift that was sponsored.

Total cost for a single story home giving hope and life to 8 children: $50,000.

Larger Two story house giving hope and life 16 children: $110,000.

We are so grateful for the sacrifice you are making to bring the truth and good news of Jesus Christ to the world by giving these children a safe place to call home.

To become a monthly donor, please email us at We will get your request in to the appropriate person and will get it processed quickly. Thank you for partnering with us. 

BDSV Single Home - 3D Front Iso.jpg
BDSV Single Home - 3D Top.jpg

We are part of The Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi. This organization manages all funds and your payment is to their account. Upon House of Hope board approval, funds are dispersed so projects can be completed.